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Johan Bakke

Broken Brains – My Roots

Ungefärlig lästid: 2 minuter

Här är en låt som jag mixade i studieförbundet FS Studio i Gävle nån gång i slutet av 90-talet (eller kan det ha varit 2000?) ihop med Simon Ådahl och Ola Forsberg, som också är sångare och låtskrivare. Först nu har den hittat ut på YouTube, men den är fortfarande värd att lyssna på!

Broken Brains – My Roots
One day you’ ll stay by a waycorse, wondering who you are, where you come from and how to do to get you through. You wish that you got the strength. You just have to take it.

About the song:
I wrote this song in the echo of ”Kil’ Roy” when I was in trance and the lyrics is about someone who is standing me near. This song was written in my cellar and musicroom.

On the road again, I’ m moving. Yeah on the road again, still moving.
Gotta find a way back to my old friends, gotta find back to the straight fine ways.
But how I ever travel around, I just can’ t seem to find.
Where are my roots Papa, Papa? Where are my Papa, Mama?
And where am I?

And so this is my new situation. Oh, with all my own temptation.
Who’ s trying to make me blind and trying to take control of my mind.
And this is my worn out shoes. Leaving me stranded with my blues.
And no new friends to be found. And no old friends stick around.
And who am I.

Oh, I need my roots Mama, Mama. And I need your strength, Papa.
Cause my love is running old. And my soul is running old, yeah.
Oh, I need my roots Mama. Come and give it for me Papa, Papa.
I say, time is running late. Ain’ t got the strength to wait.
Sone I’ m gone, long gone.

Get it brother yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

1995- 02- 26.

via YouTube http://youtu.be/m1qnfDpDKp4